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About us

At PK Business Funding our team of  professionals, consultants and experts are dedicated to solve your financial challenges that you are facing in your business. We simplify and present to you funding solutions to sustain your businesses. We believe in character, diversity , credit and the power of money lending. Because of our beliefs, we provide funding opportunities to entrepreneurs to guarantee their business growth.

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To provide change-making financial solutions to businesses and facilitate collaboration that drives sustainability . We serve as a tool to provide easy to understand funding solutions to small businesses.


To be a leading funding provider to entrepreneurs , a center of collaboration and small business accelerators in America .

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We lend and fund to startups and small businesses to sustain and create catalysts to  social, political and economic development in  societies.

  • PK BF loans are facilitated through our certified partners that enable us to successfully satisfy your desires . 

  • The loan goes through the underwriting and approval process.

  • The borrower’s loan request is approved with diligence in collaboration  with PK BF team and our partners. 

  • We provide to the borrower with management skills and work closely with them to efficiently and successfully use the loans to achieve their dreams.

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